Hi, I'm Angeli!


As a kid, my mom used to put giant bed sheet in the middle of our living room and tell me to lay out all of my art supplies: the paint, glue, construction paper, scissors, yarn, popsicle sticks, coloring books, crayons, you name it. And then she'd go to work while I'd sit on the floor for hours lost in a world where I could creating anything-- imagining the impossible come to life right in the four corners of that bed sheet on my living floor.
Fast forward almost 20 years later. I started Paheli because, like many entrepreneurs during the Great Resignation, I was tired of life being only about achievement, billables and how much money I made. I felt like a zombie everyday until a friend of mine gifted me a puzzle. At first, I stashed it away like all of my other hobbies because I simply did not have time. But one evening when my eyes were particularly tired of staring at a screen, I wondered into the kitchen and saw the puzzle box. It was a pretty blue box with beautiful hand drawn art by a female artist. Like the a predictable millennial, I was more excited to unbox it than to actually play the puzzle. As the pieces fell out however, I automatically started putting it together. Before I knew it, I had completed the masterpiece of a puzzle.
Yep, just a boring ole' puzzle story except for this part: I had forgotten how to be a kid. I had forgotten to be someone who just played games or did things without an agenda. I realized as I was playing the puzzle that it was otherwise a pointless activity. But it awakened the child inside of me that I had locked away so that I could "focus" on being a good employee. And when I locked away my inner child to be an adult in the corporate world, I had forgotten how to be a believer in the impossible.
I am now a huge advocate of "play". Play is the reason why I am successful both in my conventional career and also in my relationships. Play makes me more creative, light-hearted and hopeful. I was moved to action to create Paheli because I am also an artist that had been searching for her art to land somewhere special. Paheli is a representation of the child inside of me.
Paheli is here to create products that bring out the inner child in all of us.